About The Show

What's in the show...in his own words

When my dog, Daisy, passed away it made me reflect on the ten years we spent together.  Whilst I recieved unconditional love from Daisy during her all-too-brief life, my life has not been easy.

Somehow I have survived.  I have learned to cope and heal through writing and performing songs using my pain to create something positive and purposeful.

This is the life I HAVE to live.  Music literally saved my life and I have no other choice than to live a life of truth and purpose.

During Lockdown everything was magnified and I resolved to document all that has happened.  This soon became a show that unites story-telling, shares anxiety-coping mechanisms with the songs that saved my life.
I talk about issues that are often ignored but prevalent in society.  I needed to share these experiences and traumas to help others currently in that dark place.  To let them know that their situation, as frightening as it may seem, is only temporary.

What's in the show...in his own words

I share how, in time, I was able to acknowledge and face my traumas and learnt to use them as opportunities for growth.  To create something positive in order to heal, to grow and to enjoy life again.

The show is relatable – it’s not showbizzy, it’s gritty and it’s REAL.  I hope it will resonate, because so many of my traumas are common, yet somehow hidden away.  The show talks of these experiences and shares how, when you start facing issues head-on with understanding, they help you grow.  When you take ownership of your life and living the way YOU want to live your world will become so much better.

The show, which is in 2 x 1 hour parts, is aimed for theatres where I talk and sing to backdrop of a large screen showing images and films to accompany the story and songs.  It really is an uplifting, heartfelt, passionate experience covering all emotions.  You may cry, you will laugh and at times you may catch your breath.  Every word of this show, wether spoken or sang in a song, helps me heal.  In the show I talk about losing, then regaining my emotions.  I truly hope, when you see this show, you will embrace these feelings and, in some way, in addition being entertained, the show will bring you some hope and understanding that the hardships we deal with can often be the springboard to better life. 

At the time of writing there is no start date for a return to theatre life so, a virtual version of the show has been created which can be enjoyed at home on a screen.  Whilst this will not replace the live feel of a performance it’s still, nonetheless, a brand new experience – and I one I’m very proud of. 

I hope you enjoy it.

With love, hope and optimism,

Hegsy x

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